Artful Ink Mount Lawley Resident Artists

Our artists will take the time to understand your style, and will work with you to come up with a design that you love.

Kevin Maunsell

Kevin can turn his hand to almost any tattoo style, and he’s Artful Ink’s undisputed king of fine line tattoos. Known for his can-do attitude, his love of a challenge and his willingness to help others, Kevin is nothing short of an absolute diamond.


Artful Inks Russian princess, Marina began her tattooing journey in Beijing 6 years ago.

Miguel Canete

Miguel Canete aka Migz, Miggie Smalls, Notorious M.I.G or J-Migz, is Artful Ink’s little Filipino pocket rocket. He’s the go-to guy for all things realism: colour or black and grey, Migz has it all covered.

Holly Bell

Holly loves creating super clean, unique graphic tattoos, specialising in blackwork as well as bolder black and grey designs.


Artful Ink Perth’s resident hand poke expert is Montaine Stuart (aka Tofu). She began her professional tattooing career in 2018, rising quickly from strength to strength.