The Admin Team


Jamey-Lee is Artful Ink’s state wide manager. His first encounter with the Artful brand was at the Bali studio in 2016, while on an influencer trip. He got his very first tattoo at the time, at Artful Ink Bali, and of course made friends with owners Kiara and Paul too. Fast forward to Perth some years later and, after an accident at a previous job, Jamey was working in influencer marketing and social media management when fate brought him full circle to Artful Ink once again. Jamey’s role at Artful has grown and expanded along with the company. His happy place is the beach, and he loves spending time with his family and his Chow Chows, Bugatti and Niylah.


All Admins

Kate Sparrow

Artful Ink Studios’ original admin queen, Kate, resides in Bali looking after the day-to-day operations of the studio.


Jamey-Lee is Artful Ink’s state wide manager.


Taylah is Margaret River's laid back admin queen.


Jasmine is a receptionist at Artful Ink Studios.