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We are an international family passionate about creating lifelong memories through ink and a spirit of adventure!

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Artful Ink Studios


Bali's first truly international tattoo boutique

Artful Ink Studios Bali is an international mecca for tattooists and tattoo enthusiasts.
Enter into a collaborative space that is raw, authentic, honest and free of judgement.

Artful Ink Studios is an artistic paradise where tattooists can come and be themselves. Follow their creative pursuit, without the stress of all that other shit. Whether a resident or guest artist, we adopt a family mentality of loyalty, love and support. 

From the minute you walk in the door, you are welcomed into the Artful Ink family where you are immersed in an experience – whilst you get your ink done, you can converse with someone from the other side of the world, sip on some juice as you have lunch and even watch a movie if you need some solo time.

Whether you enter the studio as a new tattooist or a first timer getting inked you will leave as a part of our international family!

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