Artful Ink Studios


An international tattoo studio that believes in the power of tattooing and the tattoo community to transform lives.

We actively promote a life of adventure, building memories, supporting mental and physical health, all whilst nurturing and supporting the tattoo community at large!

Ringleaders in the Community

Artful Ink Empire ringleaders Paul and Kiara are passionate advocates in bringing together artists and individuals of diverse backgrounds and skill sets to promote collaboration among the tattoo industry and artistic community at large. 

Beyond harnessing a spirit of collaboration Artful Ink is a proud advocate for spreading awareness and raising funds for mental health and cancer based research, support and empowerment initiatives. 

A topic that hits close to home for Paul, Kiara, and the Artful Ink Community at large.  

The family created through Artful Ink impresses me, the people we know in every country that we consider friends slash family is still growing, expanding, it’s really taken us to a whole new level of tattooing as in opening up doors around us and our family around the world. It’s continuing to grow because of our willingness to share our knowledge and connections so that everyone betters from it, with that we have created a huge family world-wide and it’s still growing. 



Artful Ink Community

Inner Ninja Foundation 

Survivor Ink

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Bali Island Connection 



Know a Good Cause?

We love to support the tattoo industry and the community a large. If you have a charity or community event that positively impacts the mental, physical and emotional health and well-being of the community, we want to know about it!